Saturday, 27 December 2008

How I Spent Christmas

Played a various artists compilation called "The Christmas Collection," "Carols & Capers" by Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band, Mozart's Violin Concerto 2 and Sinfonia Concertante and of course Handel's Messiah.

9.30: breakfast -- rum 'n' eggnog (w. nutmeg) and cashews.

Then played "A Christmas Present From The Albion Band" and The Goons' "A Christmas Carol, By Kind Permission."

12.00: first bottle of Old Speckled Hen -- why did i only buy two? It's my favourite beer!

Next on the playlist were Colin James & The Little Big Band's "Christmas," and "Wassail!" by John Kirkpatrick, [my old pal] Rosie Cross et al.

Next, i spent some time on the Internet, trying to find somewhere i could download the song "Angelica" by Barry Mann (of Mann-Weil fame). I once had it as a 45 and it's a gorgeous song, but alas i had little success -- although i did find and download a version of the song by a group called Anathema -- of whom i'd never heard -- and it's not bad.

Then i watched the Queen's message (streamed via the BBC), listened to Marillion's "Merry Christmas Everybody!" and John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris's "Shreds And Patches."

By then it was time for lunch -- sausage 'n' smashed potatoes, a typically festive repast, and, as i ate, i started to watch the DVD "25th Anniversary Concert" by Oysterband -- which LL sent me for Christmas. It was wonderful, i had tears of joy streaming down my little face more than once but alas, the rum and the Old Speckled Hen caught up with me and i had a nap. When i awoke an hour or so later, i continued with the DVD, and, just as i had reached the bonus features, who should call but LL herself! Always a pleasure to chat with her, way out there in Vancouver.

7:00 and time for Christmas dinner. Guess which idiot forgot to take the turkey out of the freezer.... But i had some thawed ground beef and all of the ingredients, so i quickly threw together a dinner of salisbury steak with smashed potatoes and corn, and i declared it good.

And then i listened to Marillion's "Say Cheese!" and watched a DVD from The Discovery Channel (sent to me by my friend Magda, in Romania) -- "The Secret History Of Jesus." Erm, a look at the historical truth behind such books as "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" and "The Da Vinci Code." (There is none.)

And then sleepies.

Here's a Christmas gift for ayone who's interested. It's a free download of a Rory Gallagher bootleg, recorded at De Hanehof, Geleen/Holland,12 November 1987. Go to to download the .zip file. It's password-protected and the password is "sparkyibew" (without quotes)

All the best, everyone!


anymusicmania said...

Sounds like you had a good day Freg. I never heard of that beer. Must check for it next time I'm in the liquor store. Merry Christmas Freg!!

Freg said...

Thank you, Kris!