Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Ten Days Later

I don't seem able to keep up with this blog as much as i'd like to -- at this time of year, work is just too busy: i start early and stay late every day. (I should go in at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow, but i may just say "to heck with that" and wander in at 5:00 instead. I'll see how i feel in the morning.)

The point being, though, that i get home late (sometimes stopping at Kelsey's or Othello's for a couple of pints) and naturally, of course, deal with my e-mail first. 20% spam (deleted unread); maybe 30% of no interest thus likewise deleted unread); 30% read but not acted upon; 10% read and moved to my "Pending" folder to be acted upon at some as-yet-to-be-determined future date; and 10% dealt with. By which time i have to start my dinner, and as that's underway i do my normal websurfing (New York Times, CNN,,, that stuff) and maybe burn a CD or something, and by the time i'm done with that, it's dinner and a movie, and then bed.

(Just to exacerbate matters -- a power surge fried my DSL modem on Thursday evening and i was unable to connect until just now, four days later.)

(It was quite an extraordinary experience, being offline for three days. How dependent one has become! But at least the apartment is now comparatively clean & tidy!)

Last night, i watched all of Disc One of Series Two of "Father Ted."

I bought the entire series (5 DVDs) recently. I love this stuff. Not much, in these tough times, can make me fall off the couch laughing, but every single episode of "Father Ted" will put me on the floor at least once.

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