Monday, 16 February 2009

"Family Day"

Here in Ontario, today is a statutory holiday, "Family Day" -- and how's that for an unimaginative name?

I think it's madness. This is only the second year we've had it, and i think that the only reason we have been given a holiday at this time, is because our legislators (who take a month off at Christmas) feel we need a break between New Year's and Easter. It certainly has no historical or traditional foundation. I think it's fiscal insanity, frankly. The economy is going into the toilet and here we are, paying people for not working, or, in my case, paying me double-time-and-a-half to do my job.

On a happier note, i watched Lars Von Trier's "Europa" a.k.a. "Zentropa" last night. It was called "Zentropa" in the U.S. because there was already a film called "Europa, Europa" and American confuse easily (i suppose). Anyway, it's a favourite.

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