Sunday, 22 February 2009

Spriggsblog Goes To The Movies. Again.

Right, well, i've been busy -- trying to catch up, trying to reduce the pile of unwatched DVDs.

On Monday, it was the bonus disc of "Europa" -- which was almost all interviews and, although interesting, was pretty dry. I was, however, amazed to learn that Barbara Sukowa -- who stars as Kat Hartmann -- is not, in fact, a German married to an oriental gentleman (and had taken his name). For years, i had been pronouncing her name as "soo-KOW-uh," when in fact it is pronounced "SOO-kuh-vuh." Yes, i do feel a twit.

Tuesday, i watched "The Dark Knight." It's not my type of film, actually, and seems aimed primarily at teenaged boys (and it is a long time since i was one of those). However, having said that, Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker is an absolute tour de force -- and the film is worth watching for that alone. Incidentally, the cover photo is a rather chilling image -- but in fact references to 9/11 abound....

On Wednesday it was "Music And Lyrics." Er, not a milestone in the romantic comedy genre, but it wasn't bad, with Hugh Grant basically playing himself, and Drew Barrymore lighting up the screen whenever she smiled. I felt warm and fuzzy at the end, though, so it did its work.

And then, Thursday, it was "Wall-E." Ohhh... c'est magnifique! I bought the DVD without knowing anything about it other than that Peter Gabriel had a song on it (and my love for PG knows no limits). But the film is so brilliant and delightful, i may watch it again tonight.

But it never ends. On Saturday i bought two James Bond DVDs ("Dr No" and "Thunderball") and when will i find the time to watch them? Next week, maybe. I'll let you know....

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