Sunday, 22 March 2009

Life Is Wonderful

I know, I know – I’ve been very remiss in keeping up this blog. Blame a lack of time (chronic 21st century disease) and a slow computer (common 21st century ailment).

But what, I hear you ask, have I been doing?

Apart from working, that is.

Not that the way I make my livelihood is “work” at all, of course: it’s not work, it’s just what I do. I am the job. I just make a transition, six days a week, from doing what I do at home, to doing what I do at the shop. But I am not going to write about my workplace. (I might tell the truth and get fired or at least excoriated by my colleagues, endomorphs and troglodytes the lot of them.) (Ooops.)

So, I’ve been watching DVDs. Well over a year ago I bought the complete “On The Buses” (11 discs) and have just finished disc #9.

Otherwise, I have watched these, this week.

I also watched the very first James Bond film, "Dr No." Why don't i have a picture?

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