Monday, 27 April 2009

Perfect Part II

Jillian, if you read this, my last post wasn't aimed at you: i don't think you've ever used the word "perfect," at least not in the sense i was bitching about. Tra la.

Sunday, 26 April 2009


I am lamenting the decline of the English language.... So what else is new?

The most sophisticated tool for communication ever devised, and all they can say, nowadays, is, "awesome, eh?"

Actually i have noticed a new word coming into play as a catch-all, to replace, presumably, "awesome," and it is "perfect."

I go to the pub and ask for a pint and she says, "perfect." I ask for my bill when i'm finished, seven or eight hours later (LOL) and she says, "perfect." I hand over my money, a twenty dollar bill for a $13.70 tab, and, even though it isn't even close, it is, to her, "perfect."

Give me Beowulf or give me death, he says

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Othello's, Stratford

I wonder what is going on at my second favourite pub in town?

As anyone who knows me will tell you, i don't have a drinking problem, i have a pub problem -- probably because i partly grew up in one.

Sometimes -- or, in my case, quite often -- you want to go where everybody knows your name (and they're always glad you came).

But, lately, whenever i have gone into Othello's, which is once or twice a week, all of the staff have changed! Krista has gone; Erin (who i knew from elsewhere) has disappeared....

I'm adrift, in a way.... It means that my favourite pub in town is now Kelsey's -- which gosh darn it all anyway, also happens to be the most expensive for a pint.

Drat, etc.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

There Are DVDs All Over My Carpet

Just bought this one. He's my second favourite guitarist. Can anyone guess who my favourite is?

The winner gets a trip to Antigua at their own expense

Sunday, 19 April 2009

It's Not Just Me

I had a very good reason for calling this “It’s Not Just Me.” Unfortunately, I came up the the title two weeks ago, wrote nothing down, and now I can’t remember ….

The fact is, i lead a very unexciting life. I'm not complaining, it suits me well. But it's not the stuff dreams are made on -- or the stuff that superblogs are made on, either, for the matter of that.

So here's a bunch of movie posters, the films i've watched since my last post.

I watched, yes i did, "A Quantum Of Solace" for the second time in a few weeks. I thought, the first time, that there were gaping plot holes and i wanted to see it again to try to clear it up a bit. But i couldn't. Oh, noes! James Bond films are too complex for me.

And i bought the new Jeff Beck DVD on Friday -- haven't watched it yet, though.....