Friday, 29 May 2009

Rant And Rave Against The World

Rant #1: I hate telephones. I wouldn’t have one if it weren’t a necessity (I have a DSL connection). The only telephone calls I ever receive come at inconvenient moments and they’re usually people trying to sell me magazines or insurance or trying to save my soul. My dinner last night was ruined because a certain delicate cooking process kept being FUCKING interrupted by calls.

Rant #2: The power just went out. Just for a couple of seconds but long enough that it meant that I have had to reset all of my digital equipment. THE FUCKING POWER GOES OUT APPROX. ONCE A DAY!!!! Why? What is wrong? Why am I having to reset every fucking digital clock, the digital radio, the VCR and don’t even talk to me about my fucking digital telephone answering machine, whose battery backup hasn’t worked since day one and whose re-programming process is so counter-intuitive I just don’t bother any more….

On a happier note, i just bought the new Tori Amos CD and i like it a lot

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