Thursday, 30 July 2009

Cate's Home!

The animal shelter called me today -- Cate had been spayed and jabbed, and was ready.
She was sitting on my lap for a while, purring and licking my hand but now she's gone off to explore some more -- or to eat some more! She's already knocked off half a tin of cat food and she's only been here for an hour.
She's actually a year old, i thought she was younger because she's so small. She's also less grey & white than i thought -- in fact just grey with white on her snout, sternum & paws: no pictures yet, though -- i'd prefer her to get comfortable before i blind her with the camera's flash.
More later, i'm sure!

1 comment:

Magda said...

Yuupeeeee ! Hugs and smooches for Cate !!