Friday, 10 July 2009

I Feel Blessed

Something extraordinary happened today -- something, in fact, flabbergasting.

It was pay-day so i trundled off to the vet's after work to clear my debt, and ... was told that an "anonymous benefactor" had paid $250 into my account

This is very confusing, very exasperating (Julia, the receptionist / assistant, told me that they insisted on remaining anonymous). Who do i know well enough that they would do this for me? And of all the people i know, who loves me that much?! But, even more confusing -- who knows who my vet is? I mean, it's like, who knows who my dentist is? It's just not something that comes up in conversation all that often. Surely no-one would ring up every vet in town, to see if i was a client? This is farm country, there must be dozens of veterinarians in the vicinity. I'm baffled, speechless, confused and uncomprehending....

But also feeling rather blessed.... albeit anonymously.


Magda said...

awwwwww wonderful , Rich ! Haveu thought that maybe it is ....the vet himself? Or somebody that u met there? Or a strong-faith Christian...they do that so God to be praised, not them.
The circle is quite small , but maybe it doesn't matter , it was meant to be make u feel different for a moment, different than u felt in the past weeks, so ...why not let it this way? Soon a kitty soul will feel the same way when u'll take her/him home..

Wild Angel Joy said...

Riccardo, that is fantastic. Yes, a bit of a mystery but the main thing to know is that there are good-hearted people in the world who love and care about you...and, obviously, knew how much you loved Watson. Looking forward to hearing about a new "beast" in your life when you are ready to take that step...or when that "beast" finds you :) Hugs...Joybabe