Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Like most people, i don't buy CDs very often any more.

As i age, of course, "popular" music interests me less and less, but that's not the primary reason i don't buy CDs. (At one time i would buy at least a hundred a year, and usually more.)

No, it's because the record industry has shot itself in the foot. (The music industry is thriving, it's the major record labels who are going head-first into the toilet.) I have a shopping list or wish list or whatever you want to call it, but i simply can't get the CDs here (in Canada).

Example: Five months ago, i ordered a CD by Jack Bruce at my friendly local dealer. After four months i gave up and downloaded it (yes, for free, i did).

Having said all that, here are some great albums i actually bought, in real silver disc format recently.

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