Thursday, 6 August 2009

My Morning At Work (A Funny)

I rarely write about my work, but Roxanne (the general manager) was funny this morning. The office is right next to the table i work at in the mornings, so i can see and hear everything when the door is open. She arrived, went in, and within five seconds Stinky the prep girl bopped in and spent about 15 minutes regaling her with mindless gossip (oblivious to the fact that Roxanne's eyes glazed over the moment Stinky entered).
When Stinky finally decided to go and do some work, Alan (Mr 50%, so called because that's the amount of effort he puts in on a good day) wandered in and ... poor Roxanne had to suffer another fifteen minutes of blather. When Alan finally left (he went off to have a pleasant chat with someone else, which of course is far more productive than working) Roxanne looked at me (i'd been toiling away all this time), stuck her tongue out of the side of her mouth and pretended to stab herself in the neck with a fork. ROFL.
Well, maybe you had to be there....

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