Saturday, 31 October 2009

Grocery Bags

Grocery bags? Well, don't ask me how i come up with these great titles -- it's a gift, what can i say?

But, where i live, we are now being charged five cents per bag. Allegedly, this is to encourage people to use re-usable bags and thus save the planet from choking on plastic ones.

I think that this is a crock. (No, really, i do.) It has nothing to do with saving the planet, it has all to do with increasing the profits of the plastic bag manufacturers. Plastic bags are, after all, one of the most re-used items around. We put our garbage in them, we put our kitty litter in them, we use them everywhere.

So, all of the people who are now using re-usable cloth bags to drag their groceries home, are now having to buy ... oh, guess what? Plastic bags for their garbage, kitty litter, whatever, duh!

Don't believe anything they say, keep your mind open, and think!

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