Sunday, 18 October 2009

Holiday, Day 2

Well, here i am, on holidays. A much needed week off -- maybe the rash on my feet (which comes from standing around in wet socks for most of the day) will clear up.

So far, though, it doesn't feel like anything other than a normal copula, coupla daisies days off.

I did something i shouldn't have yesterday. (Not for the first time!)

I've written about Jill and Astrid before: Astrid is THE love of my life (and is older than i am) but lives 1000 miles away. Jill works at the local Kelsey's pub (that's her in the middle of this pic, along with Steve and Jen) and is young enough to be my daughter but she is such a nice person that merely being in the same room gives me great pleasure.

OK, i'm a dirty old man, but i assure you i am never going to "come on" to Jilly. Yesterday, though, i told her (yes i did!) that she made me wish i were twenty years younger. And she replied that that was the nicest thing that anyone had ever said to her. (An exaggeration, surely?)

Isabelle commented that i should be shot, and she's probably right. But, but, but.... I don't really think of myself as being old: i just am. I feel the same as i did at eighteen; the difference is that the rest of the world now treats one differently ....

Gotta go and hobble over to the grocery now

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