Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Quote of the day: “Dinner at the Huntercombes possessed only two dramatic features: the wine was a farce and the food a tragedy” -- Anthony Powell.

Here's the link to Rory's "Pistol Slapper Blues" from Cowtown: https://download.yousendit.com/ZW9DQ3Q5OW4rV3pIRGc9PQ

I think i finally have all my computer problems -- or, at least, the one i mentioned in my last post -- sorted out. I ran System Restore and the file associations returned to normal. Unfortunately, it also disabled my anti-virus program (grr, grr) and i had to uninstall and re-install it, which took up a good part of my leisure time on Monday afternoon. Frustrating, but it's done, and now i can try to get caught up on reading all my spam.

At least i had time to watch a film last night, for the first time in weeks. It wasn't bad

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