Friday, 25 December 2009

A Slight Break From Tradition

This has not been a normal Christmas.

For one thing, i have watched no seasonal films at all this year apart from the Father Ted Christmas Special ("A Christmassy Ted."). No, not even "A Charlie Brown Christmas," which i love.

The last film i watched was "Threads" -- a devastating BBC docudrama, hardly festive.

Today, Christmas Day, began normally, with the rum/eggnog/cashews for breakfast but for the first time in umpteen years i did not listen to Handel's "Messiah."

Of course i did listen to "A Christmas Present From The Albion Band" -- the greatest Christmas album ever, IMFFHO, and to The Goons' "A Christmas Carol," and am at this very moment listening to Jethro Tull's Christmas album (called, oddly, "The Jethro Tull Christmas Album").

But, for years i have watched a film every afternoon on this day. Not today -- i'm updating my blog and listening to music instead.

Happy Christmas, dear reader. Now, where's that bottle opener....

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