Sunday, 24 January 2010

I'm Back (Bet You're Excited)

Right, well, here we are again.

I've been having horrendous computer problems ever since i installed my new DVD burner.

Actually, that's not entirely accurate. The problems began when i installed the software that came with it.

OK, long story. This computer has a DVD drive, but not a burner, and the DVD drive hasn't worked since the warranty ran out anyway. (Typical!) But this wasn't a major problem, as i rarely watched DVDs on the computer -- i prefer to watch them on the TV, feet on the coffee table.

But i had downloaded a few movies and videos, and wanted to be able to watch them, feet in fuzzy slippers and back against the cushions of the sofa. So i bought a DVD burner, installed it, and then installed the software that accompanied it: Nero 8.

Nero 8 hates me. No, really.

After the installation, the simplest tasks would cause Windows to crash, i was having to re-boot constantly and getting error messages i'd never seen before.... I Googled the error message(s) and, oh, guess what, found myself at some Nero forums where loads of people were having the same problems. Ahem!

Some solutions were offered on these forums, but none seemed to work for me, and so ... i tried to uninstall Nero 8 and it wouldn't let me. Grr. So i had to run System Restore :o(

A time consuming pain in the arse but hey, it worked! All is finally back to normal.

And i downloaded some free DVD burning software ("Burn4Free") which works very well.

So, thanks, Nero, thank you for ruining my week

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