Saturday, 27 February 2010

Florence & The Machine

Oh, wowiezowie ...

"Lungs" by Florence & The Machine is such a super album...!

Not much else to write about today, though.

I was planning to walk into town after work but i got about 100 metres and it was so awful -- heavy snow on top of ice on top of water....

Friday, 26 February 2010

I Am Such A Nice Guy

I rinse out my beer cans before i take them back to the store for the refund.

Oh, and i just got the album "Lungs" by Florence & The Machine --- and it's super! If you like Kate Bush you'll love Florence :o)

Friday, 19 February 2010

Spriggsblog Goes To The DVD Player

Well, okay, three films in three days! Whew....

And i love the Harry Potter films but of the three, it was my least favourite. The other two are magnificent, the Harry Potter was merely great.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Spriggsblog Goes To The Bookshop

I've just finished reading the most entertaining book i've read in a long while, "Juliet, Naked" by Nick Hornby. Remember that The Beatles, after their album "Let It Be," released a stripped-down version called "Let It Be, Naked"? Same idea: reclusive (fictional) musician Tucker Crowe's most famous album, "Juliet," has been re-released in stripped-down form, as "Juliet, Naked."

Here's the synopsis from the Penguin Books website: "Annie and Duncan are a mid-thirties couple who have reached a fork in the road, realising their shared interest in the reclusive musician Tucker Crowe (in Duncan's case, an obsession rather than an interest) is not enough to hold them together any more. When Annie hates Tucker's 'new release', a terrible demo of his most famous album, it's the last straw - Duncan cheats on her and she promptly throws him out. Via an internet discussion forum, Annie's harsh opinion reaches Tucker himself, who couldn't agree more. He and Annie start an unlikely correspondence which teaches them both something about moving on from years of wasted time."

Nick Hornby is one of my favourite writers anyway. (He wrote "High Fidelity," to give him his most famous face.) (Which was a great film btw.) But "Juliet, Naked" is a thoroughly enjoyable read -- yes, even more enjoyable than the last book i read, "JavaScript For Beginners." No, really....

Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Best Guitarist Ever

No question


I've just uploaded some new pics of Cate-cat to my Flickr page:

Here's an example. She is the light of my life, such a beautiful beast ;o)