Friday, 9 April 2010

Hockey Tournament! (Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid....)

As you may know by now, i, for my sins, make my living as a cook. 
We had our little butts kicked at the restaurant today, wow, we were busy.  There's a hockey tournament in town all weekend, and it began today.  Well, "there's a hockey tournament in town" are words which strike fear into the heart of any Stratford restaurateur.  These people are Neanderthal! (Knuckles all scraped from walking).  We had two parties -- total number of people was about 50 -- show up unexpectedly at 1.30, after we'd sent half the lunchtime staff home.  These people, i don't know what the problem is, have they never been to a restaurant before?  They don't understand the concept of making reservations?  Just down from the trees?
And so i went to Kelsey's after work for a refreshing alcoholic beverage, and they were getting their little butts kicked, too....  But it was worse there, because Kelsey's has more of a bar style (booze sales at my shop are minimal) -- so Kelsey's had a load of boozed-up Neanderthals.  And these people were on their way to a game?
Jen said (in the brief moment we were able to speak), "i'm not enjoying life right now."  And then had to dash off.
Jill said (in the brief moment we were able to speak) "i wish i were somewhere else." And then had to dash off.  (Yes, i did note her use of the subjunctive -- she has an English degree, you know.)
Lucy said (in the brief moment we were able to speak) "hi, Rich" and then dashed off.
Vanessa said (in the brief moment we were able to speak) "i 'm very tired," but then dashed off.
And, oh, hey, we get to do it all again tomorrow.
And then i'm on holidays for a week.  Hurrah!

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