Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Jane Siberry

Jane Siberry is a "quirky" -- perhaps idiosyncratic would be a better word -- Canadian singer / songwriter who's been performing since the early 80's (currently on tour in the U.K.).  She's perhaps best known outside Canada for her song "Calling All Angels," which she performed as a duet with k.d. lang (it appeared on the soundtrack to Wim Wenders "Until The End Of The World").
Now in her 50's, she remains as rebellious as ever.  She changed her name to "Issa" for a while (but has since reverted), and her current tour includes loads of performances in private homes.
I just received an e-mail from her -- well, not to me personally, i subscribe to her mailing list -- and she has now made all of her albums available as free downloads from http://www.janesiberry.com/janesiberry/music.html, the only requirement being that you "pay it forward" -- i.e., pass the info on, which is what i'm doing now.
I downloaded a few of her older albums which i only had on vinyl -- i have most of her stuff on CD, and i just ordered her most recent album, "With What Shall I Keep Warm" (favourably reviewed in the February issue of Mojo, btw), from www.cdbaby.com  
No, this is not spam, and i don't work for her LOL


anymusicmania said...

What a good idea on her part. :-)

Freg said...

It's a great promo on her part -- i only downloaded the albums i already had on vinyl but i bought her latest CD -- yes, with real money :o)

It's wonderful to see a musician reject the music "business."