Wednesday, 5 May 2010

My Day (As If You Care)

Just made it home (via Kelsey's) literally seconds ahead of a major thunderstorm.  It was sprinkling when i reached Spriggs Towers, and it's now coming down in sheets!
I had quite an eventful day, really.
We had a busload of 40 students booked at lunch -- and, thoughtfully, they faxed us yesterday to let us know what they were all ordering.  Unfortunately, when they sat down to eat, half of them changed their orders.  Duh!  The kitchen was cooking meals according to our copy of the fax, the waitresses kept taking the fax away to make changes, and they screwed up the changes so much that it was all pretty much a fiasco and no one (in the kitchen) knew who was having what and / or what we were supposed to be doing....
And then the waitresses who had customers who were not part of the bus were getting annoyed because we couldn't do their orders until we took care of the bus and the bus order was so hopelessly confused.
But then, after that, it quieted down enormously -- we had a 15-minute power outage at around 1:00 o'clock.  So everyone else in the kitchen went home, the power came back on, and we got busy again.  I was hopping!
And, as i was hopping, who should show up at Take-Out but Thomas, home on leave from Afghanistan.  He ordered shrimp and told me not to burn it; i replied "one raw shrimp coming up."
I wasn't able to chat with him much, but he handed me a mysterious envelope -- which turned out to be an invitation to his and Carolyn's wedding in August (when his contract in Kandahar is up).  (What the heck can i buy them as a wedding present????)  Anyway, we're meeting tomorrow after work at -- oh, hey, i get to go to Kelsey's again, woo hoo! 
At Kelsey's this afternoon, Mike didn't exactly buy me a beer but he charged me a lower price for the two i did have -- so instead of the usual $13.78 plus $2 tip, he charged me $9.18 (and i left a $2 tip).  But beyond that....
They used to sell Stella Artois on tap.  They no longer do, but they have loads of 20 oz. glasses with the Stella logo.  I am now the proud owner of a case of six Stella beer glasses.

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