Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Ozzy Vs Slash

What have Ozzy Osbourne and Slash in common?

Well, they're both nut cases, for one, but beyond that they both have new singles out.  Ozzy's is "Let Me Hear You Scream," and Slash's is "By The Sword."  Both are in heavy rotation on my radio station (

Let's compare them.

Ozzy's comes from the kitchen-sink school of production: throw everything in, add a ridiculous (but fast!) guitar solo, and sell a million copies to deluded listeners who think that fast = good.

I wish i were a better journalist, and then i could better explain why Slash's record is so much better.  He has complete mastery of his instrument, the vocal (by Andrew Stockdale) is full of subtleties and Slash himself doesn't try to overwhelm with semi-hemi-demi-quavers -- although he is well capable of them.

I may buy Slash's album....

Sunday, 27 June 2010

World Cup Fever 5

England lost today, 4 - 1 to Germany, a humiliating defeat.  I'm devastated but, hey, Germany deserved the win, so good on them.

I'm now looking forward to a South Korea / Ghana final...

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Telemarketers (+ World Cup Fever 4)

So here i am, at 6:45 on a Sunday evening, in the middle of making my dinner, when the phone rings.  A gentleman with a foreign accent wanted to sell "me and my family" something -- i don't know what, i didn't let him get that far.  I exploded all over the poor bugger instead, waxed wroth, and slammed the phone down.

I mean, i was at a crucial and sensitive point in the cooking process: i was about to turn the stove on and crack open the TV dinner LOL

OK, i realise we've all got to make a living, but telemarketers must be the most detested group in the western world; why would anyone enter the profession?

On a happier note, it was New Zealand 1, Italy 1 in the World Cup today -- a real kick in the teeth for the Italians

Saturday, 19 June 2010

World Cup Fever 3

Watched Denmark vs Cameroon at the pub this afternoon -- best game i've seen so far, or, at least, the first one i've seen where the winning team deserved their win.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

World Cup Fever 2

Or, as my friend Jen called it, "World Cup Fifa."  Hi, Jen!

Watched Uruguay vs South Africa yesterday and in my far from humble opinion, South Africa wuz robbed.  Their goalkeeper should never have received the red card -- he stuck out his foot to stop the ball, the Uruguayan player just happened to be there at the time and tripped over it.  But that killed it for the South Africans.

They were down a goal at the time and they might have pulled it out of the fire, but losing their only trained goalkeeper was a loss they were never able to overcome and it was a nasty 3-0 defeat.

And, incidentally, am i wrong in thinking that the Uruguayans have studied the Italians well, in that they have learned how to take dives and roll around on the grass in agony?

Monday, 14 June 2010

World Cup Fever Strikes!

I don't have TV at home, so for my fixes i have to go to Kelsey's pub.  It's a tough life.

I watched England vs. the U.S.A. on Saturday -- "the hand of clod" indeed! -- and Italy vs. Paraguay this afternoon, and i really wanted Paraguay to win.... But it was not to be.

Not that i'm a huge fan of Paraguay, i just don't like Italy.

The team, that is. 

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Wishbone Ash

I've just been watching this DVD, and all i can say is "wow."

Actually, no, that's not true, i can say lots more than that.  I can say, for example, peter piper picked a peckle picker popper pupple, oh ok i can't say that.

Wishbone Ash was / is one of my favourite groups of the 70's and 80's.  They, along with Thin Lizzy, virtually invented the dual-lead-guitar line-up, and, for a while, one of my top-ten favourite guitarists, Laurie Wisefield, was a member and yes! he makes a guest appearance on this DVD.

Wishbone Ash's brilliance always lay in their instrumental prowess.  They never really had a strong vocalist and their songwriting was, er, how can i say? sometimes less than extraordinary.

One of my favourite groups nonetheless.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Jane Siberry

Jane's brand new CD, "With What Shall I Keep Warm?" arrived in my mailbox yesterday.

After two serious listens, i have to say i love it.

Buy it now! (It's available at