Sunday, 20 June 2010

Telemarketers (+ World Cup Fever 4)

So here i am, at 6:45 on a Sunday evening, in the middle of making my dinner, when the phone rings.  A gentleman with a foreign accent wanted to sell "me and my family" something -- i don't know what, i didn't let him get that far.  I exploded all over the poor bugger instead, waxed wroth, and slammed the phone down.

I mean, i was at a crucial and sensitive point in the cooking process: i was about to turn the stove on and crack open the TV dinner LOL

OK, i realise we've all got to make a living, but telemarketers must be the most detested group in the western world; why would anyone enter the profession?

On a happier note, it was New Zealand 1, Italy 1 in the World Cup today -- a real kick in the teeth for the Italians

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