Thursday, 17 June 2010

World Cup Fever 2

Or, as my friend Jen called it, "World Cup Fifa."  Hi, Jen!

Watched Uruguay vs South Africa yesterday and in my far from humble opinion, South Africa wuz robbed.  Their goalkeeper should never have received the red card -- he stuck out his foot to stop the ball, the Uruguayan player just happened to be there at the time and tripped over it.  But that killed it for the South Africans.

They were down a goal at the time and they might have pulled it out of the fire, but losing their only trained goalkeeper was a loss they were never able to overcome and it was a nasty 3-0 defeat.

And, incidentally, am i wrong in thinking that the Uruguayans have studied the Italians well, in that they have learned how to take dives and roll around on the grass in agony?

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