Friday, 30 July 2010

Herman J. Theijsmeijer, R.I.P.

I am very sad tonight.

I took my little Cate-cat in to the Avon Pet Hospital yesterday for her annual shots and check-up (she's A-1 -- although i can't believe it's a year since i adopted her) and learned that Dr Theijsmeijer -- my vet for over twenty years and through six cats -- had passed away in June, of pancreatic cancer. That is he, to the left, there.  It was ... a helluva shock.  He was such a good man and there aren't so many of those around these days that we can afford to lose one (which could explain the tears welling up in my eyes as i type this).  I only just saw him, in April maybe, at the beer store.  (Yes, me at the beer store, that's stretching credulity innit.)  But he seemed perfectly fine.

He was a little eccentric, maybe -- but that made me like him even more.

The new vet, Dr Maal (sp?) seems really nice, but she's not Herman


anymusicmania said...

:-(((( Sorry to hear Freg.

Freg said...

Thanks, Kris.