Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My Love/Hate Affair With Technology, Part 187

Someone once said that, the more complex a system becomes, the more that can go wrong.

Last Tuesday, my Internet connection started going up and down like a whore's knickers ... or, like a yo-yo, if you prefer.  It had been fine, it just decided to act up, i dunno.  On Wednesday morning (my day off) i was trying to listen to online radio (, of course!) and, between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m., the connection failed every five minutes (very disconcerting, as it usually failed in the middle of a song i liked). After that it was fine, but i was so frustrated i called my ISP's tech support (for the umpteenth time)....

(Perhaps a bit of history -- i've had connection problems for a while now, my ISP has replaced my modem a couple of times, and they now think that the problem is with my telephone line -- excess noise or somefing.  They actually placed a trouble ticket with Bell Canada for me the last time -- apparently a Bell techie showed up a few weeks later, when i was at work, received no answer and cancelled the ticket, grr.)

So they replaced my modem again and now my connection is ok, but ... i am unable to send e-mails or log on to my accounts at encrypted web pages! I can receive e-mail fine (god knows i'd hate to miss out on all the spam and phishing attempts) and ordinary web pages load ok (if a bit slowly).

So i called tech support again -- twice.  Half an hour on the 'phone each time, to no avail, so now i guess we have to place another trouble ticket with Bell Canada....  Things may be back to normal in another few weeks, unless of course the Bell techie shows up when i'm at the shop....

Honestly, this has been so annoying and now, just to make my life even more miserable, both my digital camera and my DVD player's remote control have quit on me (and no, they don't need new batteries).


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