Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Technophobia Continued

I must be a masochist: i went out today and bought a new laptop, with wi-fi.  I know nothing about wireless -- when i took my computer courses all those years ago, it wasn't very prevalent, and i don't use it at home, so i've never seen a need to learn about it.  I will now!  (Actually, a new laptop has been in the back of my mind for a while now; my old Windows 98 laptop, while it still works, is pretty much useless for any serious computing, with its 2 gigabyte hard drive and no working modem.  The connection probs precipitated the purchase.)

Anyway, i pick the machine up on Friday; i intend to uninstall Windows from it altogether and install Linux, and then hang around wireless hot-spots;  but, further, i also intend to hook it up to my modem; if i can connect properly using it, then that will mean that the problems lie with my desktop PC.  But if i can't, then that would seem to me to indicate that Bell Canada is, indeed, the culprit. 

By hook or by crook, i'll be back!

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