Saturday, 29 January 2011

Technophobia Part x

So, that's it, there to the left: my new laptop.  An IBM ThinkPad 42. And i discovered something interesting.  Although the Internet connection on my desktop PC is crap, when i plug the modem in to the laptop's network card, the connection is 100% ok.

So, tech support and i have been barking up the wrong tree, apparently.  It's not the modem, or the 'phone line:  it's the PC.  I'll be giving them a call on Monday....

Anyway, i installed Linux on the laptop, to heckers with Microsoft, who needs 'em -- so that is going to be a learning experience, familiarising myself with a brand-new operating system.  I'm having fun with it already.

(I also enjoyed discovering that my two favourite pubs are wi-fi hotspots!)

But, on a serious note, i truly believe that when you stop learning, you may as well curl up and die.  No, really.  Keep the brain active:  it's a muscle and will atrophy if you don't use it.  In my job, i have no opportunities to learn new things.  Now i have a project!

I have to go now.  I was at work at five o'clock this morning....


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