Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Year End Wrap-Up, Part 3 -- Film

Quote of the day: Max Kauffman -- He's very superstitious -- he thinks it's unlucky to walk under a black cat.

As i said, i'm a list freak, i'm also a film freak and here's the list of every DVD i've watched this year:

Jan. 20: Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Jan. 21: District 9
Jan. 26: Threads
Feb. 6: United 93
Feb. 16: Inglourious Basterds
Feb.17: The Hurt Locker
Feb.18: Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
Mar. 1: The Eagle Has Landed
Mar. 2: American History X
Mar. 3: A Handful Of Dust
Mar. 4: Miss Congeniality
Mar. 14: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Mar. 18: Firewall
Mar. 30: 2012
Mar. 31: Deconstructing Harry
Apr. 2: Carry On Dick
Apr. 24: The Last Boy Scout
Apr. 29: Monty Python And The Holy Grail
May 3: Lethal Weapon
May 8: Lethal Weapon 2
May 9: Footlight Parade
May 13: Lethal Weapon 3
May 23: Red Cliff
May 24: Thelma and Louise
May 26: Broken Embraces
May 27: Body Of Lies
Jun. 2: Mad Max
Jun. 8: Year Of The Dragon
Jun. 9: Kika
Jun. 10: Last Man Standing
Jun. 20: Die Hard With A Vengeance
Jun. 21: 88 Minutes
Jun. 28: The Enforcer
Jul. 8: Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Jul. 25: Lethal Weapon
Aug. 5: The Road
Aug. 18: Green Zone
Aug. 19: The Rachel Papers
Aug. 26: The Last Boy Scout
Sept. 7: Live Free Or Die Hard
Sept. 13: Pushing Tin
Sept. 14: Love Actually
Sept. 15: Blow-Up
Sept. 16: From Russia With Love
Oct. 17: Fargo
Oct. 20: Analyze That
Oct. 21: Lethal Weapon 2
Nov. 3: Oceans
Nov. 28: Four Weddings And A Funeral
Dec. 7: Robin Hood
Dec. 8: Notes On A Scandal
Dec. 24: The Ninth Gate
Dec. 25: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Dec. 31: When Harry Met Sally... 

And which was my favourite (i hear you ask)?  I dunno, maybe "Fargo,"  i love that film.  The problem i have is that i have so little time....  It can sometimes take me four evenings to watch a two hour movie.  And i haven't been to an actual cinema since, well, when was the first of the "Lord Of The Rings" films released?


paladin said...

Ah . . . Blow Up. One of Antonioni's better masterpieces. I can still hear the wind blowing through the trees in that park. The sound in this film was remarkable . . . as was the brief glimpse of bare pussy in the inpromptu romp on the photoshoot backdrop paper.

Freg said...

Yes, apparently that was the very first appearance of female genitalia in a mainstream film. I agree with you about the sound of the wind in the trees in the park, it's a gorgeous film all around

paladin said...

'Genitalia' . . . is that what you call it now? Apparently you've lost the taste for it. Pity.

Freg said...

Erm, no, i still love the taste of it, but she lives in Nova Scotia and only visits once or twice a year....