Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Another Day In Paradise.....

Oh, sorry, that should have read "Another Day In Computer Hell."

It's my day off, and i've been having a pretty crappy morning, really, thanks to a frightening combination of my own stupidity and Windows Live Mail -- i am really annoyed at Tweedledummy at tech support who thought Outlook Express was corrupted when i had my email probs a few weeks ago, and Tweedledummer who proposed Windows Live Mail as an alternate email client.  I hate WLM!

So i downloaded Thunderbird instead but for the life of me couldn't figure out how to configure it to send email.  I was able to receive ok, but not send.  Does any of this sound familiar?

But, i'm not just another pretty face: I finally configured it so that i could send mail with it, set it as the default and couldn't wait to uninstall WLM -- but before i did so, i imported everything (emails, address book) to Thunderbird.

And then had a heckuva time uninstalling WLM -- bits of it are all over the place, deep inside the system.  Even after an allegedly complete uninstall, i could still find traces -- its icon still appeared in my Start menu, for instance.  Took about an hour and there's still probably remnants of it polluting my system.

But why, oh, why, did i neglect to check that Thunderbird had imported everything before i uninstalled it?

WLM exported almost everything.  Almost.  I lost about two weeks' worth of emails -- including a couple of very important ones....

On a happier note, remember how my Linux laptop's keyboard had been set to Canada Multingual which meant that when i hit the apostrophe key, an É would appear, and other such curiosities?  Well, i fixed that, thanks to a Ubuntu support forum -- it was really easy to change it to Canada English but as Linux is all new to me, i hadn't a clue where to start.  I eagerly await the arrival of the book i ordered last week, Ubuntu Linux For Beginners.

Anyway, none of this is getting the laundry done, so i'll take a break from this nightmare and have some lunch maybe.

I watched this for the umpteenth time last night.

Great film

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