Saturday, 12 February 2011

Brian Plummer -- Again

Quote of the day: Brian Plummer -- If you can't stand the heat, the kitchen's not the best place to be. / If you can't stand the wheat, stay away from the lone prairie.

That quotation is from Brian's song "Change The World" on the "No Questions" album.  This LP is a Canadian classic for sure -- i've been listening to it over and over ever since Troy (Roach) converted my vinyl copy to CD for me last week.  (Incomprehensibly, it has never been released on CD.)

So now here it is, available as a free download, thanks to good ol' music historian and archivist me.  I've uploaded it as a zipped file to here:

You will need some way to unpack it but most people will have WinZip or some other file extractor on their systems, i suppose. (Personally i prefer 7zip -- Google it, it's free.)



paladin said...

Hey mate . . . where are the covers? You have a camera - do it up right.

Freg said...

I posted the cover on Febuary 3rd but i suppose you're right.

paladin said...

That was a low-res image that won't print worth a shit. Plus where's the back of the album jacket? Get with it lad!

Freg said...

My camera is up the spout, Hew, (i believe i mentioned this in a post) and i don't have the spare dosh for a new one right now (i just bought a new laptop, remember?).

But the visuals are irrelevant anyway: it's the music that matters and the music is superb.

paladin said...

Don't recall you mentioning your camera was broken but then again I don't read this blog regularly.

In reference to your 'visuals don't matter' comment, that's just plain bullshit. You read album linar notes word for word. You understand they often put contect to the music inside. Further, if visuals don't matter why do you bother to post pics of CD, DVD covers on this blog? Finally, how much vinyl or how many CDs do you have without covers? Very few, I'm guessing . . . it would drive you mad.

In reference to your 'the music is superb' comment, well, again we disagree. It's an adequate representation of the scene at the time it was made. Kind of reminded me of a Toronto guitarist back then - Jay Telfer.

I was going to send you a link to another site with even more RG bootlegs. But given your pathetic rationalization of your laziness re posting covers I'm going to hold off until you finish the task at hand.

On another topic . . .what happened to your new year's resolution last year to update your resume and look for another job?

Freg said...

I don't know why you bother to read this blog at all, if you don't like anything about it or me....

This isn't a music blog, after all -- just me rambling for my own amusement.

Oh, well, don't feed the troll...

paladin said...

Ewe . . .'troll' . . . that's a tad harsh, don't you think?

Little too much chalet sauce yesterday Rich?

Consider, for a moment, is it really me you're upset with or your own shortcomings?

I'm not suprised your way of dealing with me is to simply turning off the source of illumination. Darkness hides many things we'd rather not confront.

I told you some time ago you have nothing to fear from me. But as you wish, I'm gone.

But before I go, one final link.

You see, I finish what I start.

Cheers - P.

anymusicmania said...

Thanks again Freg for sharing this great album. :-)

anymusicmania said...


You may want to consider 'approving' posts to keep out the riff raff. ;-)