Sunday, 13 March 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

Quote of the day: Bob Hope (on his 82nd birthday) -- I think it's wonderful you could all be here for the forty-third anniversary of my thirty-ninth birthday.  We decided not to light the candles this year -- we were afraid Pan-Am would mistake it for a runway.

Today is my birthday.  Many happy returns to me!

Last night we reverted to daylight standard time, and i lost an hour's sleep, and had to be at work at seven o'clock this morning.  I am missing my zeds.  But i put in eight hours' honest labour and then wandered up to Kelsey's for a couple of celebratory pints -- Josh the bartender bought me one of them! -- and it was good.  (So different to my last birthday, which was approximately around about a year ago, when the first thing that happened on the day was that my computer died!) I actually craved a third but i was afraid i'd fall asleep!

The worst thing about reaching my advanced age (and i am now 39 -- although not for the first time!) is the realisation that there is so much i shall never do -- i'll never conquer Everest, or travel to Mars, or master quantum theory.

The best thing is that i have garnered so many Internet friends over the years -- i spent a good hour responding to Facebook greetings just now, and i feel truly blessed.

Hugs, everyone :o)

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