Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Stuff And Nonsense

Quotation of the day -- Robert Louis Stevenson: That house of voluntary bondage ... with its inscrutable recluse.

And so, last week, i bought a new DVD player. The old one died on me. It's a Toshiba SD7300 (oh, look, there's a picture of it)

and it has 1080p Upconversion and REGZA-LINK ® (HDMI CEC) , which would probably impress me more if i knew what they hell they were.

It took me five days (five days!) to figure out how to get it to play DVDs in colour. (It played DVDs from day one, but only in black and white.) Well, i have an older television, which means i have to run an RF modulator betwixt the TV and the DVD player, which means six different plugs, which means, er i don't remember the law of permutations but it means loads of possibilities! But i got it sorted eventually, clever clogs that i am. And the first (and so far only) film i watched?


So, finally, it's a day off for me here at Spriggs Towers. I spent the morning doing, or trying to anyway, some serious housework, a task made immeasurably more difficult by the fact that my little Cate insisted on helping (until she became bored and went to sleep underneath the futon).  Now i'm just taking a wee break, having a beer, listening to the new Colin James "best of" CD and thinking about having lunch before returning to the domestic slog.

Later, brothers & sisters....

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