Friday, 8 April 2011

Album Of The Year 2011? And Other Gnus

OK, i know, i haven't posted much lately.  I've been busy.  If you have a paid subscription, you're probably really pissed off (oh, wait, i don't have paid subscriptions). (Which would explain why i haven't been able to pay my 'phone bill yet this month.)

But i am writing tonight with my two cents' worth  -- a couple of weeks ago, Mr Postman delivered to me, a CD which may well be my pick for "album of the year, 2011" -- Joe Bonamassa's "Dust Bowl."

For fans of blues-rock (such as like wot i am) this is a must.

OK, obviously it's a bit early to be choosing an album of the year -- it's barely Spring, the streets are mud, i went out this morning without my Winter coat for the first time since October and bloody froze (although it was nice and warm later it was darned chilly at 7 a.m.).

Er, where was i?

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