Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Black Country Communion

Quote Of The Day: Wilko Johnson -- The greatest line in rock 'n' roll is, "Awopbopaloobob Awopbamboom."  Top that if you can!

I just bought the new CD by Black Country Communion, entitled (uninspiredly) "Black Country Communion 2."  Oh, look, there's its cover down there, the pic appeared like magic out of nowhere.  In case you hadn't heard, B.C.C. is the latest blues-rock supergroup (and i love blues-rock) --  Glenn Hughes (of Deep Purple), Joe Bonamassa (best blues-rocker guitarist working nowadays) (IMFFHO), Jason Bonham (son of John, of course) and, er, Derek Sherinian (well, every supergroup has someone unknown in it LOL!).  (Rick Grech, anyone?)  Is it good?  Well, yes, it's bloody brilliant.  According to the Sunday Mercury (www.sundaymercury.net/) "This is classic rock goes large, an album that lives up to its heritage. It may not be bettered this year." I tend to agree.

Don't believe me?  You can download a (free) bootleg of their June 19th performance in Washington here: http://www.filesonic.com/file/1333801601/2011-06-19.rar

Or check 'em out on YouTube.


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Yeah, they good.

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