Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Psychology Of Smoking

Quotation of the day --Tom Waits: We're all gonna be just dirt in the ground

I'm a smoker. Not proud of it, wish i'd never started and there's a 60% chance that i'll die of lung cancer. But it's difficult to quit if you're not determined, and self-discipline has never been my strong point. Nicotine being one of the most physically-addictive substances known. But let's examine the psychology. The mind moves in mysterious ways (its wonders to perform).

When i'm sitting at home, with my butt parked in front of the computer (as it usually is), i'll have one going constantly.  But at work, i start at stupid o'clock in the morning and usually have my first harry rag (oh, sorry, "harry rag" is Cockney for "cigarette") at around 10 a.m.  I don't even start to think about lighting up until maybe 9.45.

When i'm at the boozer, i never go out for a smoke until i've put myself on the outside of my first pint.  I don't even think about a smoke until pint #2 arrives.  And when i'm on the train to Toronto -- a two-hour trip, smoking forbidden -- thoughts of a ciggie don't even enter my mind until the CN Tower comes in to view through the window.  Oh, look, there it is now.

Right well, time for a smoke

Monday, 29 August 2011

Kelsey's II

And so, after a rough work week -- my work week is Wednesday -- Monday -- i staggered into Kelsey's at around 3:30 on Monday afternoon, looking for a friendly face and sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name (and they're always glad you came).

Now, you have to remember:  Kelsey's is a really expensive spot.  My beer (to which i am devoted) costs about $1.25 more there, than it does anywhere else in town.  But that's okay, if i just wanted to drink economically, i'd drink at home, or brew my own, or drink chrome cleaner or something.  No, i go there because (as i may have mentioned) i like the people who work there.

Werrlll... it was a bit of a disappointment, as the barmaid was someone i'd never seen before.  She was very good, but not a familiar face. It was all right.  It was fine, i just sat there and read my book ("Mortal Causes" by Ian Rankin, if you must know), but i'd been hoping to see some of my favourites, Nicole, Ashley & Maggie.

And just as i was leaving (after my customary two pints) ... Nicole, Ashley & Maggie arrived for the evening shift

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Quotation Of The Day -- Bruce Chatwin:  We watched them go off to bed. They were two people made in heaven for each other.  They had been hopelessly in love since the day they met, yet had gradually crept into their shells, glancing away, deliberately, in despair, as if it were too good, never to be, until suddenly the reticence and anguish had melted and what should have been, long ago, now was.

Nothing whatsoever to do with me and Astrid, that quotation.  Oh, no, of course not .

Anyway.  Anyway.  Anyone who reads me regularly will know that my favourite pub in this god-forsaken town is Kelsey's. ( It aspires to be a sports bar and that as you may realise is anathema to me; but i go there because i like the people who work there.

I have, on my flickr page, a series of photos taken from Kelsey's smoking section  -- i.e., outside their front door -- at various times of the year.  Have a look at:

Here's the most recent: