Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Quotation Of The Day -- Bruce Chatwin:  We watched them go off to bed. They were two people made in heaven for each other.  They had been hopelessly in love since the day they met, yet had gradually crept into their shells, glancing away, deliberately, in despair, as if it were too good, never to be, until suddenly the reticence and anguish had melted and what should have been, long ago, now was.

Nothing whatsoever to do with me and Astrid, that quotation.  Oh, no, of course not .

Anyway.  Anyway.  Anyone who reads me regularly will know that my favourite pub in this god-forsaken town is Kelsey's. (www.kelseys.ca). It aspires to be a sports bar and that as you may realise is anathema to me; but i go there because i like the people who work there.

I have, on my flickr page, a series of photos taken from Kelsey's smoking section  -- i.e., outside their front door -- at various times of the year.  Have a look at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/34806425@N02/sets/72157619393471020/

Here's the most recent:

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