Saturday, 24 September 2011

Rise Against

Quotation Of The Day: Martin Myers -- I'm a terrible cook.  I turn perfectly good food into poison. I have many recipes.  I can prepare a meal to give you heartburn, nervous indigestion, a gall bladder attack, colitis, ulcers, hyperacidity, gas, cramps, nausea, anything you like.
I just bought the new album by Rise Against, "Endgame." (

The radio station i listen to every morning  ( has their song "Make It Stop (September's Children)" in heavy rotation these days -- an angry, nay furious rant on the subject of high school bullying and its consequences and it blows me away.  Here's the video:

The first few times i heard it, i didn't know it was Rise Against, of whom i'd never heard before.  I thought it was DeFault -- the vocalist, Tim McIlrath, sound pretty similar to DeFault's singer Dallas Smith.

This is angry music, folks.  But it's also powerful post-grunge activism, and the album may well show up on my "best of 2011" list.

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