Friday, 7 October 2011

The Adventures Of A Linux Newbie

Happy Garbanzo Bean Day, everyone!

Well, apparently it is, at least according to Pearls Before Swine:

So much for frivolity.

Although i've been  throughly enjoying learning about Linux via the forced usage of my Linux laptop since my Windows desktop went belly-up last week (and i honestly do believe that when you stop learning you may as well curl up and die), there's still so much i can't do.  

I've downloaded .zip files and even though i have unrar (the Linux unzipper) i can't figure out how to extract them, just to use one example.

But i think that what is frustrating me more than anything, is the way the system changes itself without my knowledge.

For example, my default language is English (obviously)  but sometimes, and for no apparent reason, this changes itself to Multilingual.  A phrase like "i don't understand," becomes (in Multilingual) Èi donèt understandÈ

This happens with odd regularity.

And another thing. This morning, i couldn't get the laptop's keyboard to work.

I couldnèt, i mean, couldn't, recall spilling my beer into it or anything, so i investigated my keyboard settings.

Evidently there's a setting with which only accepts keystrokes if the key is held down for a few seconds. I didn't default to this, i didn't know it existed until today.  Linux has a mind of its own.....

So do i, of course.

I'm taking 8 days holidays, starting October 18th. I was originally calling it "medical leave" (because  some of the people i work with make me sick), but i've now changed that, to "psychiatric leave" (because it's all driving me doolally).

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