Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Hill Street Blues

Quotation of the day: Rick Kuba (attrib.) -- The Internet is television for people who like to read.

I feel old.

One of my favourite television series from the 80's was "Hill Street Blues."  It really did revolutionize television.  It may seem a bit lame now, but it was the first TV cop show that embraced the gritty reality of life in the urban wasteland, where the cops didn't all have perfect hair and had foibles and weaknesses instead.

I've been watching it a lot lately, and i loved all of the cast, i became emotionally involved in all of their lives (like, perhaps, my mum did with the cast of "Coronation Street")  (and "HSB" was soap opera too, no mistake, with its recurring characters and overlapping episodes and continuing stories). I can rarely watch an episode without being on the verge of tears over something (wuss that i am).

But i mentioned the program to Josh, the bartender at my pub, a few weeks ago and ... he'd never heard of it.

Oh, i do feel old....

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