Friday, 17 February 2012

A Little Learning

Quotation of the day: Oscar Wilde -- Nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.

This isn't going all that well, ackshully.  I wrote earlier that i'd enrolled in an online, part-time college course in programming.  I'm up to the 4th module, but the entire system seems to have crashed.

I'm on to the subject of variables, and the coding thereof.  So, i wrote something like var myCat = "Cate"; hit "enter" and received an error message.  ("Ooops, something went wrong," to be specific.) Tried again, same error message.  So, i backtracked to the 3rd module, because obviously (i said to myself) i've missed something....

But no, my syntax was correct.  What could have gone wrong?

So i went to the college's user forum and hi-de-hi a lot of users seem to be crashing at #4.  So the website is buggy, it's not just me.  Well, that's good news, i suppose, but it's bloody frustrating!

So here's a picture of Ofra Haza, inserted here for no other reason than that it cheers me up...

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