Saturday, 31 March 2012

A List Freak I Remain

Quotation Of The Day: Evelyn Waugh -- Punctuality is the virtue of the bored.

Right, well, as i rarely post other than on my day off nowadays, and as on my last day off i was busy with another project (coming soon!), all i can offer is a playlist.  And here's what i've listened to since my last playlist:

Muddy Waters, "Can't Get No Grindin'" 
Roger McGuinn, "CCD" 
Tampa Red, "The Guitar Wizard" 
Muddy Waters, "Sings Big Bill Broonzy"
Big Wreck, "Albatross" 

Kate Rusby, "Make The Light"
Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin, "Spin" 
Fleetwood Mac, "The Chain" (disc one of 4 disc box) 
Yes, "Fragile" 
Richard Thompson, "Mock Tudor"
City Boy, "Book Early" 

City Boy, "The Day The Earth Caught Fire"
Mike Rutherford, "Smallcreep's Day"

Chickenfoot, "Dusseldorf 2012/01/19, Disc One" (bootleg)
Taj Mahal, "Martin Scorcese Presents The Blues: Taj Mahal" 

Muddy Waters, "Can't Get No Grindin'"
Eliza Carthy, "Neptune" 

Kim Mitchell, "Kimosabe" 
Robert Plant, "The Principle Of Moments" 
Buffalo Springfield, "Again"
Ashley Hutchings, "Rattlebone And Ploughjack" 

Gryphon, "Red Queen To Gryphon Three," 
Brian Auger, "Search Party" 
Junior Kimbrough, "Sad Days, Lonely Nights" 
Peter Hammill, "The Love Songs"
Various Artists, "All The Young Dudes" 

The Keef Hartley Band, "The Battle Of North West Six"
Chickenfoot, "Dusseldorf 2012/01/19, Disc Two" (bootleg)

Seether: "Karma & Effect"
The Trews, "Hope & Ruin" 

Various Artists, "The Songs Of Leonard Cohen Covered" 

But my new project will be something really exciting -- i'll probably have it done by my next day off.  Watch this space, and here's a hint:


Saturday, 24 March 2012

I Am Not Going To Write About Work

Quotation Of The Day: Oscar Wilde -- Work is the curse of the drinking classes

I am not going to write about my (crappy) job.  I've read too many stories about bloggers writing what they felt, and then being fired because the boss read their post(s).  My friend Jill just got fired from her job, because she wrote on Facebook about her ignoramus of a boss, and someone forwarded the post to said ignoramus.

As you may already know, i make my living as a cook (for my sins).  So i'm in a lousy job to begin with -- poor pay, hard work, terrible working conditions (always either too hot or too cold) and a benefit package that would be insulting if it weren't such a cause for hilarity.  (Yeah, at least i get something out of it: a laugh.)

And so i'm going to write a TV sitcom instead: a handsome babe magnet of a cook (no names, please!) trying to cope with hopeless kitchen manglement, insane customers, getting to work at stupid o'clock every morning and meanwhile fighting off the attentions of nubile waitresses. 

It'll all be fiction, of course. (I have to say that in case the boss reads this.)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Week In Review

Quotation of the day:  Alben W. Barkley -- The best audience is intelligent, well-educated and a little drunk.

Dear Reader:

It's sad, really, but i haven't the time or the imagination to write new posts to this self-indulgent fiasco that is Spriggsblog more often.  And, to prove it, here's a new post.

So (i hear you ask),  how has the week since my last post gone?  Well, actually, it's been life in the bus lane, uneventful.  Went to the pub three times (and had the usual two pints, so no dancing on tables to the music of Radiohead's new album or anything like that).

I bought a couple of CDs.  That's exciting!  I bought the new Roger McGuinn (of The Byrds) album, "CCD."  It's a mostly solo acoustic record of traditional folk songs about the sea and about seafaring men. (A sea CD = "CCD," geddit?)  It's quite nice, but after only two listenings i still can't avoid the feeling that half of the songs have the same melody.  Further listening is warranted, for sure.

I also bought the new CD by Big Wreck, "Albatross."

Now, this is more like it!  I wasn't really familiar with the band until my favourite radio station ( started playing the title track a while back, and i loved it to pieces.

And that's the video.

Now, i really hate buying a CD on the strength of one song: i've been burned too often.  But this is a very good album.

And, finally, as i know you care, here are the CDs i've listened to this week:


"Celtic Pink Floyd"
Clive Gregson & Christine Collister -- The Last Word
Various Artists, "Good Rockin' Tonight: The Legacy Of Sun Records"
Roger McGuinn, "CCD"


Peter Hammill, "Singularity"
Bruce Springsteen, "Wrecking Ball"
The Eagles, "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert, 03/14/1974" (bootleg)
Big Bill Broonzy, "Rockin' In Chicago, 1949-1953"
The Kathryn Tickell Band, "Instrumental"


John Fogerty, "Blue Moon Swamp"
King Crimson, "Lizard"
Memphis Minnie, "Crazy Crying Blues"
Seether, "Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces" (i love Seether, they're my new fave band)


Various Artists, "Sounds Of The Star-Club"
Lisa Gerrard, "The Mirror Pool"


Horslips, "The Tain"
Alan Stivell, "Olympia Concert"
Seether, "One Cold Night"


Big Wreck, "Albatross"
Kate Rusby, "Make The Light"
Keane, "Night Train"
King Crimson. "Beat"


Steve Hackett, "Spectral Mornings"
Jeff Lynne, "A Message From The Country"
Amy Winehouse, "Lioness"

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

One Man's Music, Part II

Quote Of The Day: Vance Bourjaily -- The mark of a good party is that you wake up the next morning wanting to change your name and start life in a different city.

I'm a list freak.  No, really.  I keep track of every book i read, and of every film i watch.  And i've just started keeping track of every CD i listen to (see previous post).

I'm also not a professional, full-time blogger.  In the four years i've been writing this, i've made something like $13 (or 10 Euros, or 8 pounds), so i won't be retiring to Tahiti any time soon.  I have a full-time job as a galley slave, low pay, poor working conditions, blah blah, moan, groan, but it pays the rent and the monthly bills (just barely).

My point (which i'm striving to get to) is that in last week's post, i included images of the covers of every album i'd listened to, but i simply don't have time to Google Image Search the graphics.  So all you get is a simple list.  Sorry.

Here 'tis:

Tuesday (March 6th): 

Fairport Convention, "The Wood And The Wire,"
Buddy Guy, "Live: The Real Deal"
Steve Marriott & The D.T.s -- "Sing The Blues"
Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders "The Game Of Love"


Siouxsie & The Banshees, "Superstition"
Gryphon, "Red Queen To Gryphon Three"
Vangelis, "1492 -- Conquest Of Paradise" (OST)
Jane Siberry, "Meschach Dreams Back"


 Rory Gallagher, "Defender"
 James Taylor, "Covers"


"Martin Scorcese Presents The Blues, Vol. 9: Taj Mahal"
Jack Bruce & Robin Trower, "Seven Moons"


Kathryn Tickell, "Air Dancing"
Kate Bush, "Never For Ever"


Peter Hammill, "Sitting Targets"
Laurie Anderson, "Mister Heartbreak"


P.J. Harvey, "Let England Shake"
Christine McVie, "In The Meantime"
Kathy Mattea, "Love Travels"
Sky, "Cadmium"

Eclectic, if nothing else!

And here's a picture of Kate Bush, simply because i love this pic:

And it's my birthday today, and here's what i'll be celebrating with:

I may complain about life occasionally, but it's still preferable to the alternative!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

One Man's Music

Quotation Of The Day: W.C. Fields ~ I exercise extreme self control. I never drink anything stronger than gin before breakfast.

For lack of anything else to blather about, i've decided, for a while at least, to keep track of the albums i listen to each day.  Just albums, i listen to individual songs a lot too, of course, but won't include them, the list would grow unwieldy i think.

Anyway, i started keeping track two days ago (Sunday), so here goes:

Sunday:  Marillion, "This Strange Engine" 

Deep Purple, "Machine Head"

Rory Gallagher, "Live At The Apollo, Glasgow" (a.k.a. Have A Drink On Me)


Seether, "Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces"

Monday:  Bruce Springsteen, "Wrecking Ball"


 (i just bought this yesterday and it's great!).

 Paul Simon, "You're The One"


 This Mortal Coil, "Filigree And Shadow"