Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Je Suis En Vacance (Holiday Diary Day 1)

Quotation Of The Day:  Bertrand Russell ~ What man really wants is not knowledge but certainty

Yes, yes, it's true, as of this morning i am on holiday for eight days.  After working at the same beanery for over twenty years, i am now entitled to five weeks per year; i never get more than two or three but that's cool. I only know work.  It's what i do.  It's stressful and my blood pressure is through the roof but i don't know anything else.

Bought my train ticket this morning, going to Toronto tomorrow to see "War Horse" on stage.  I was not sure whether to be pleased or upset, but for the first time ever in my life, i received a seniors' discount (10%).

No, honesttly m'lud, i was born in 1950; my Facebook profile says 1960 but it must be a misprint...

Here's the playlist:

Wednesday: Roy Wood, Starting Up Yes, Talk

Thursday: Various Artists, Come On Let's Go! Big Bill Broonzy, Rockin' In Chicago 1949-53 Television, Marquee Moon

Friday: Ian Anderson, Thick As A Brick 2 The Trews, Hope And Ruin

Saturday: Ian Anderson, Thick As A Brick 2 The Byrds, Younger Than Yesterday

Sunday: Jeff Beck, Beck-Ola Steeleye Span, Live At Last Thin Lizzy, BBC Radio One live In Concert

Monday: Joan Osborne, Bring It On Home, Ian Anderson Thick As A Brick 2, Pink Floyd, Obscured By Clouds

Tuesday: Steeleye Span, Now We Are Six Again, Ofra Haza, Lefelach Harimon

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