Tuesday, 3 April 2012

This Is Not A Music Blog

Quotation Of The Day -- Ringo Starr: I don't dwell in the past and I try not to live in the future. And I try not to live in my head!

This is not a music blog, although as music is a huge part of my life, i do write (or blather) about it quite a lot.  But rarely have i ever posted links to music downloads. I'm going to change that.

One of my favourite singers is Kate Bush, and in 1979, she embarked on her one and only tour.  Very few bootlegs have ever emerged from that tour, and they have been poor-quality audience recordings.  But her April 10 performance at the Manchester Apollo was recorded by Granada Television for a film called "On The Road." The film was never broadcast, but the audio portion recently surfaced on the Internet -- the first-ever soundboard recording of Kate in concert. I have it, and now, so can you.


Now, most music bloggers would have zipped the file(s) before uploading to their favourite file-sharing site, so that anyone interested could download the whole concert with only two clicks (disc one and disc two, natch).  But i like to be difficult tra la.  I've uploaded each number individually, so there'll be a lot of clicking required.  A pain in the arse, i know, but "paininthearse" is my middle name. (Ha, and you thought it was Elmer.) (Actually, there was a very good reason i did it this way but i won't burden you with the details.)

So, here ya go: Kate Bush, live at the Manchester Apollo, disc one: 

Track 1: Intro With Backstage Chat And Warm-Up Vocals
Track 2: Moving
Track 3: Saxophone Song
Track 4: Room For The Life
Track 5: Them Heavy People
Track 6: The Man With The Child In His Eyes
Track 7: Egypt
Track 8: L'Amour Looks Something Like You
Track 9: Violin
Track 10: The Kick Inside
Track 11: In The Warm Room
Track 12: Fullhouse
Track 13: Strange Phenomena
Track 14: Hammer Horror

And here's disc two:

Track 1: Kashka From Baghdad
Track 2: Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake
Track 3: Act III Intro
Track 4: Wow
Track 5: Coffee Homeground
Track 6: In Search Of Peter Pan
Track 7: Symphony In Blue
Track 8: Feel It
Track 9: Kite
Track 10: James And The Cold Gun
Track 11: Oh England My Lionheart
Track 12: Wuthering Heights
Track 13: Curtain Call And Speech



anymusicmania said...

You like to make things difficult. ;-))

Freg said...

It's my mission in life, la la