Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Quotation Of The Day: P.G. Wodehouse ~ A cold hand seemed to clutch at my heart. I felt like a Gadarene swine that had come within a toucher of doing a nose-dive over the precipice.

As my loyal and faithful reader will know, i am a huge fan of the cinema.   I hardly ever actually go to the cinema, though -- my town's only cineplex is far off at the other end of town (an hour's walk) and they cater primarily to a teenage audience anyway.  Moronic movies for morons, basically. (The last time i was at a real theatre was two years ago, when i saw "The Adjustment Bureau."

 (a great film, btw)

So i watch films primarily on DVD and the tragedy is, i have so little time.  (The 21st century tragedy, really.) I haven't watched a film properly (i.e., in one sitting) in probably a couple of weeks, poor me....  The last thing i saw was "Lethal Weapon" and it took me three evenings. 

That preamble over, there are a couple of movies coming out this year that i am really looking forward to.  Part 1 of Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" is due in December, and this, by one of my favourite directors, Ridley Scott, is released next month:

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