Friday, 4 May 2012

War Horse 2

Quotation of the day ~ P.G. Wodehouse: He was sitting at his desk with the glazed stare of one who has been struck in the thorax by a thunderbolt.

(Love P.G. Wodehouse.)

Speaking of writers, though, i'd never heard of Michael Morpurgo until two weeks ago, and learned that it was he who had written the novel "War Horse" (upon which the stage play & Spielberg film were based).  He's written many, many books, and here's a picture of the gentleman: 

What a nice looking man.

His books seem to be primarily aimed at a younger audience, but so what, so are J.K. Rowling's (and let's not mention "Alice In Wonderland').  (Message from Cate: I told you not to mention "Alice In Wonderland"!)  And so i hied me down to my favourite local bookshop, Fanfare Books (92 Ontario Street, Stratford) (Hey, Bob, does this mention of your shop entitle me to a discount?  Thought not....) and picked up a paperback copy of "War Horse."

I started reading it this morning and am loving it so far but why do i have the feeling i'm about to have my heart broken again...?

And here's the playlist for the last three days (cos i know you care):

Various Artists -- Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan, Vol. 39
Sandy Denny -- A Boxful Of Treasures, disc 2
Genesis -- Foxtrot
Keef Hartley Band -- Halfbreed
Jane Siberry -- Bound By The Beauty
Robert Fripp -- The League Of Gentlemen
Hothouse Flowers -- Home
Be+Bop Deluxe -- Modern Music
Various Artists -- Blues Story #8: Louisiana Blues

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