Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What Blog? Why Blog?

Quotation of the day: C.S. Lewis ~ She's the sort of woman who lives for others - you can tell the others by their hunted expression.

So, why do i do this, anyway, this blog?   Masochism? A desire for immortality via Google?  The egotistical notion that someone might care?

One of my favourite comic strips is "Pearl Before Swine" and here's a recent one:

So maybe it's arrogance?

Or maybe it's just something to do on my rare days off, when i usually get so drunk i can't walk but can still use a keyboard.  Well, yes, a shocking confession, i drink a lot on my day off -- to forget the horrors of my job.  And believe me, it is a nightmare shitshow.

I know i've said many a time that i didn't want to blog about my work -- i've heard too many stories of bloggers and Facebook posters who wrote the truth, were read by their bosses and landed in heaps of trouble and/or were fired.

Do you know what, though?  If they fire me, i don't care -- it would probably be the best thing that could happen.  Because, you see, i don't have the imagination to think of any options for a way out.  Getting fired would force me to find a new job and it would almost certainly better than the one i have now, where i get covered in grease and fat every day and have loadsa stress, a lot of it through the sheer fact that the restaurant i work in is always busy, a lot of it, too from the fact that my kitchen manglers, er, managers, are a couple of arrogant and condescending little tin gods for whom i have nothing but disdain.  I've worked at that bloody restaurant for 22 years and the kitchen manglement has never before been as bad as it is now. (Instance: i get along well with almost everyone who works there, except the kitchen manglers.  It's them, then, and not me.)

Whatever.  So i write this thing as a form of catharsis, to relieve the frustrations.  If they read this and give me the old heave-ho, fine.  It'll be for the best

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