Thursday, 22 November 2012

Smartphone! Stupiduser!

Quotation Of The Day ~ Steve Jobs: Stay hungry. Stay foolish

Up until a month or so ago, i had never, ever owned a mobile device of any kind.  No, it's true. I saw no need for one.  Heck, i wouldn't even have a landline if it weren't a necessity.  (Hardly anyone ever calls me anyway, apart from telemarketers -- who seem to have a magical sense of knowing when i'm eating my dinner...).  

Besides, i don't have a lot of respect for cellphone users.  I think they look really daft walking down the street talking or texting on their device, and i saw this at Bentley's (pub) a while back: a man and a woman, obviously on a date, and the woman spent a vast amount of time yapping into her 'phone.  The man didn't look too impressed; i merely thought they were ridiculous.

Plus, imagine going to a music concert of, say, Albinoni, and, just at the most chilling & spine-tingling moment of his Adagio, someone's 'phone rings. It would (i submit, m'Lud) be justifiable homicide.

That said, i was in Kelsey's (pub) a wee while back, and a couple of my friends who work there were on a break and using their 'phones and i was intrigued, and i asked about them. And they extolled their virtues and (respecting their opinions) i started to think about it.

Email & Internet through a fondleslab -- it started to appeal to me more and more.

And, the upshot is, i am now the proud owner of one of these:

Yes, a Samsung Galaxy III.  I haven't played with it much yet, though.  I found it very frustrating, i couldn't figure out how to do much. (Remember, i've never owned one of these things before.)  And then, i somehow managed to screw it up so that i no longer could connect to the Internet -- which kinda sorta makes it pretty much useless.

And so, i ordered this book, and Mr Postman delivered it today:


I will be reading it avidly! (I ordered it from, an outfit based in Guernsey [although the book was shipped from Gloucester] [?] -- great service, free shipping, i recommend them.)

Here's the playlist (cos i know you care):

P.J. Harvey - To Bring You My Love
Chris Foster - Outsiders
Quintessence - In Blissful Company
Steve Hackett -- Watcher Of The Skies
Allan Holdsworth - None Too Soon
Santana - Guitar Heaven
Big Country - Glasgow's Big Day Out (ssh! a bootleg)
The Trews - Hope & Ruin
Rory Gallagher - Blueprint
Sass Jordan - From Dusk Til Dawn


Liliana said...

OMG!!! That's the phone of my dreams, Freg!!!! Enjoy it!!!

Freg said...

The man of your dreams with the phone of your dreams? What a combination!