Friday, 11 January 2013

Just A Playlist, Folks....

Until i can get this problem with Mr Blogspot sorted out -- i can no longer embed videos and my last post was a real effort -- it took me ages to get the images into the positions i wanted them -- i don't seem to have much enthusiasm for this indulgence of mine.

Just to keep my oar in, though, here's a recent playlist:

Various Artists - Let's Move: A Heavy Blues Collection
Fairport Convention - Before The Moon, disc 1
Marillion - Sounds That Can't Be Made
Ofra Haza - BaytHam
Saga - 20/20
Terje Rypdal - Q.E.D.
Allan Holdsworth - None Too Soon


Anonymous said...

Not that I'm wishing you ill luck, but have you ever considered what to do with our music collection (which must be rather vast) when it comes time to sit in with that great rock band in the sky?

Freg said...

It is vast, and presumably quite valuable -- all of those old LPs that have never been released on CD -- and it will all probably go to the landfill site when i go upstairs to chat with Billie Holiday & John Lennon, because no one will know what to do with it.

Anonymous said...

That would be a same. Have you considered giving it to the contemporary music program of a university or perhaps a major library?

The understanding would be they don't actually get the collection untill you pass. There are several benefits to this strategy:
. You continue to enjoy and
build your collection while
you're alive,
. You'll get a tax receipt for the
value of your gift which I would
have to think would be quite
large. You can use the receipt
now now to reduce (likely
eliminate your income tax payable
for the next couple of eyears.
. Your collection will live on and
be enjoyed/researched by others
for years to come.

The key would be having your collected appriased, but I'm sure you could find someone on internet who does that type of thing.