Saturday, 16 February 2013

Quotation of the day ~ Sandy Ward Bell: The powerful chords that emanated from the radio heated me from the inside out, like a microwave.

I've been blethering quite a bit of late about radio stations, ever since the one i used to listen to went into the toilet last year.  As i wrote recently, nowadays i seem to be switching back and forth between K-SHE from St Louis Missouri ( ("The rock of St Louis" is their motto) and  K-Rock from Kingston Ontario ( The former is an excellent choice for classic rock (although it is very disconcerting to hear advertisements for hospitals!), the latter plays a wonderful mix of old and new (plus it has Wendy Boomer, one of my favourite djs from the station i used to listen to). (That's her down there.)

It's difficult to choose between the two. Obviously K-SHE is no good for my local news and weather, but whenever i decide that it's time to switch to K-ROCK in order to get my injection of info for Ontario, K-SHE plays a song i don't want to turn off. But they do have occasionally lapses in taste. Pretty much anything by Aerosmith, and i'm gone!

I thought for a while, why bother to try to choose a favourite between the two? I can have two favourites, for different reasons, can't i? Sort of like girlfriends. (Note to Astrid: that was a joke, dear.) <koff>  But something happened the other day which firmly moved me, favouritism-wise, into the K-SHE camp. They played Rory Gallagher!  And here's the proof, a screen shot, in case you don't believe me:

I hadn't heard Rory on the radio in well over twenty years, and i nearly fell off my chair. In fact, it was so unexpected that i didn't even recognise the song at first. I thought, this sounds familiar, what the heck is it...

Rory was, as you probably know, the greatest blues-rock guitarist of all-time, ever.

Shamefully and unaccountably, he's mostly forgotten nowadays and although he sold over fifteen million records during the course of his career (tragically, he died in 1995) he's never played on the radio anymore. But! K-SHE to the rescue, and if i do have to choose a favourite radio station now, they get the nod. Sorta makes me want to move to Missouri....

And here's my recent playlist:

Rory Gallagher - Jinx
Snakecharmer - Snakecharmer
Junior Wells -- Live Around The World
Argent -- Don Kirshner's Rock Concert (bootleg)
Fred Neil - Fred Neil
Rory Gallagher - Mt de Marsan 1985
Rory Gallagher - Live At Montreux
Marillion - Radiation
Van Morrison - Into The Music
Weezer - The Lion And The Witch

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