Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Vacation, Spring 2013, Day 2

Quote Of The Day ~ Weezer: Let's go away for a while /You and I /To a strange and distant land /Where they speak no word of truth /But we don't understand anyway /Holiday

Whoo, another lazy day, i could get used to this ... except....  The love / hate affair with technology continues, and becomes too much like work.

I wanted to watch a film this afternoon. "Die Hard 3" to be precise, so i inserted the DVD into the computer's "G" drive (yes, really) and ... it wouldn't play. So i tried it in the "D" drive, and, nothing. So i took the disc out, cleaned it, and tried again. Bugger all.

So i decided to try a different DVD -- another favourite, "A History Of Violence."   One of David Cronenberg's best, IMO. Same thing happened. Wouldn't play. "Suffering Christ!" (i said to myself), does everyone have these problems, or am i just lucky...?

Then another thought occurred to me (as i was smashing my face into the computer desk) -- maybe it's the software.  Sure enough, i discovered that there was indeed a new version of my media player available. (I use VLC, by the way, and normally i love it https://www.videolan.org/vlc/)  Downloaded it, installed it, and ... it made no difference, i still couldn't play those DVDs.  So i spent the afternoon catching up on email, wandering around Facebook, and drinking beer. It could have been worse; it could also have been a whole lot better.

Here's the next batch of album covers:

 This CD here to my left, and the one immediately below it, are by Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Greek folk singer.



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